Top tips to help you sell your home in winter

28 October 2017
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Although the summer months are traditionally the best time to put a home up for sale, the lead up to Christmas and after New Year can also be a busy period. These top tips will help you maximise the selling potential of your home over the winter period.

Light It Up

Get as much light in your home as possible in order to create a light and more open feel. This can be achieved by keeping blinds and curtains open, as well as turning on lamps and overhead lights throughout the property.

If there is access to a fireplace, then use it because a roaring fire will make your home both cozy and lit up.

If the sale is within an acceptable timeframe from Christmas, decorate it tastefully. This will help showcase the property by bringing to life otherwise plain nooks and crannies.

Heat It Up

Make sure your home is warm, especially in the colder months, as this will create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that will help people relax during their viewing.


A fresh paint job is always a good idea, ideally use neutral shades as it enables the buyer to picture the space as their own and does not put them off with any garish colour schemes. Use throws and cushions to add colour.

No Dogs, No Scented Candles, No Clutter

Remove all negative or potentially offensive smells.

Animals can turn some buyers off whatever the weather, but the smell of a wet dog is far more noticeable than usual. Plus, it’s common for people to have allergies or sensitivities to scents, so no candles or deodorizers before viewings. You might think your festive candle is a dream, but someone with different tastes may be deterred.

Putting boots, shoes and jacket away in a closet is necessary, as well as reorganising rooms to have the appearance of being larger without being empty. Any carpets should get a deep clean before the property goes on the market and it goes without saying that a home should be consistently tidy.

Showcase Out of Season Features

Summer photos are a must to showcase what the property looks like in different light, especially with a garden. A photo album with all the wonderful features during warmer months is a good idea to entice potential buyers about what to look forward to in warmer weather.

Even in the winter months, the outdoor space is a soughtafter feature and needs to look great. Make sure you clear any leaves, mow the lawn and at least keep the flower beds in check despite having no beautiful flowers at this time of year. Make sure any outdoor storage is neat and tidy and turn on any working floodlights to help showcase the outdoor space during long dark nights.

Get Your House In Order: DIY and Weather Put Offs

Fix any shaky windows because it will eliminate any leaks and noises from the wind while people are walking through during rainy and windy days. If there are any other issues that need fixing, it is best to be honest with the buyer because they will likely want to make some repairs when they move in.

In the event of snow, clear a pathway to walk to the house and have a mat at the door to eliminate water or snow being dragged through the property. It is also wise to keep an eye out for ice because a potential buyer falling and hurting themselves before even making it to the door is guaranteed to put them off.

Before investing in a property, it is a good idea to know what to expect throughout the entire year. Seeing a property in the winter is an excellent first impression because then there are high hopes for some of the outdoor features during the summer months.


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