Are your home contents fully insured?

ID-100313943According to research carried out by Admiral House Insurance, when questioned, the average home owner under values their home contents worth by £20,000. The average value of home contents is £43,629.

67% of respondents update their home contents insurance annually but 13% never update their insurance and 28% said they didn’t think it was necessary to increase their insurance when they made a high-value purchase such as technology or jewellery. This is particularly concerning when 33% of people revealed that their contents were at risk in some way from burglary or flooding.

Contents are defined as everything from clothes, to pots and pans, to any gadgets owned. Contents also includes carpets and curtains and furniture, which are easy to underestimate.

People who rent flats are the least likely to have contents insurance with more than 54% saying that their contents weren’t covered at all, and they were the least likely to update their cover on an annual basis.

Antiques and Vintage items

77% of people surveyed who owned antiques or vintage items had never had them valued.

It is important for home owners or renters to ensure the value of their contents is up to date, and whilst the value of many items can be found on the internet, antiques and vintage items should be valued by professionals.

It is also important to ensure the total value of contents is kept up to date, particularly if new items have been bought into the household eg engagement rings, technology and purchases by or for children – otherwise there will not be enough cover to replace the items if a claim were to be made.


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