Landlords protect your rental income for peace of mind

Phillips George Lettings Department is pleased to announce our Rental Guarantee and Eviction Protection Service which will provide you, as a Landlord, peace of mind in securing income from your investment.

Circumstances beyond your control

Selecting tenants can be tricky. Even after the most rigorous referencing and credit checking by approved providers, there might be a time when your tenant stops paying the rent.

With a rapidly changing economy and uncertain economic climate, sadly job security is no longer guaranteed. Unexpected job loses can affect the traditionally ‘safe’ white collar professions as much as tenants employed in unskilled jobs.

Other unforeseen factors can also affect tenants’ ability to pay and lead to rent arrears; relationship breakdown, ill health, long term sickness, property damage etc are all scenarios that Landlords have very little control over or even have any warning of.

Our Rental Guarantee and Eviction Protection Service protects Landlords in the event of:

  • Disputes with their tenants regarding rent arrears and non- payment of rent
  • Legal costs incurred by Landlords pursuing unpaid rent and re-gaining possession of their property
  • Cover all rent arrears until the property is finally vacated.

If you are interested in finding out further information or have any questions contact Phillips George Ltd, 0116 216 8178 or email [email protected]

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